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Tracks Air by SOL Republic X Motorola Wireless Headphones Review

SOL Republic Tracks Air Wiress Headphones

: SOL Republic Part#: 1430-00

Rating: The Tracks Air Wiress Headphones has a 5 star rating.5 | 2 reviews
Average Price: $120.00
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  • Great Overall Value
  • Incredible Sound
  • Great Battery Life

  • None!!!

Tracks Air Executive Review

Tracks Air wireless headphones by SOL Republic and Motorola are top shelf. I have listened to many different types of headphones over the years and I have to say that these are some of the best. Plus, with the Motorola wireless system, you can be sure your music will not phase in and out as you walk around. So for the all the savvy Generation Z and Millenniums out there I will get right to the point so you can text all your friends. The Tracks Air are sick and you can turn the volume up loud enough to drown out your parents when they are telling you to do your homework. Now you say, how do they compare to the competition or other types of wireless headphones. Well I can say in comparison to ear bud types, wired and wireless, there is NO competition. The sound in the Tracks Air is far superior with a rich sound that lets you enjoy the full range of your music. Tracks Air headphones will let you rediscover your favorite music. Now, compared to the competition like the Beats wireless head phones, unfortunately, I do not have a direct sound comparison, but at about $150 less than the Beats you will have great sound and money left over. Here are a few differences:
  • The Tracks Air is an on ear headphone where the Beats is a bulkier over the ear headphone.
  • You can get different head bands for the Tracks Air to customize and change the style.
  • It is also worth repeating that they are about $150.00 less than Beats, but with all the quality you would expect from companies like SOL Republic and Motorola.
So to sum up the review for those with a social media schedule to keep; The Tracks Air wireless head phones will not let you down. Their electronics are solid, the style and fabrication are first class, the sound is sick and will let you enjoy your music on a whole new level, and they are not over priced. They are a $120 head phone and worth every penny.

SOL Republic Tracks Air First Impressions

The Tracks Air headphones were smartly packaged with a flip open front that gave you some product highlights and insight. This is really about all the instructions you need to get your headphones up and running, but the instruction manual is informative, and gives you a pretty easy run down of additional controls and pairing with your wireless device. The Tracks Air sound engines and head band are slick and you can tell that they have been manufactured with high quality control standards.

Paring Your Tracks Air

In my opinion one of the important features of a wireless device is how easy it is to pair with your phone. Let's face it, you will not always have the instructions with you when you need to pair your head phones, and the last thing you want to be doing is messing with buttons and amping up your frustration level when all you want to do is add some music to your routine. So before I read the instructions I tried to pair the Tracks Air sound engines with my phone. For everyone that is familiar with paring a Bluetooth device with your phone, you will have it paired in under 30 seconds the first time. If you are not familiar, then it will take you longer to figure out your phone than Tracks Air. The Tracks Air sound engines will automatically go into pairing mode if it does not see a familiar device, but SOL Republic takes it one step further and has verbal notification that the headphones are in pairing mode. Once the headphones have been paired, you can expect them to reconnect instantly.

Super Power Wireless Connectivity

The Tracks Air has what they call Super Power Wireless Connectivity and I can say that I never lost connectivity or had a digital blip unless I was expecting it. Is the Super Power Wireless Connectivity going to let you go from room to room without the music source, probably not, but it will let you freely move around the gym while you get new weights and move to different stations. Let's put it this way, you can move further away from your back pack than you should. If you do get out of range, with just a simple click of the start button you will be reconnected with the song exactly where you left off. In comparing the SOL Republic Tracks Air connectivity with my other Bluetooth headphones, I did not see a substantial 5x improvement in range, but there was improvement and I never felt like the connectivity was weak in any way.

Tracks Air A2 Sound Engines and Head Bands

The Tracks Air headphones are made up of 3 components; a left sound engine, a right sound engine, and a head band. The A2 sound engines are an on ear headphone and have a rich sound that let you enjoy your music at a whole new level. It has been my experience with many headphones and ear buds you learn to settle for sound that is only in the mid-range, but with the A2 sound engines you will once again enjoy deep base and music that has depth. I can also say that I sometimes use my headphones to drown out other music or noises, and aside from just turning up the volume, they also have pretty good ambient noise cancellation. The head bands that come with Tracks Air are quality and do a great job, but is actually a pretty cool feature because you can purchase additional head bands, for a pretty reasonable price, with different colors and patterns, so you are not just stuck with one original color.

Battery Performance

One slick feature that the Tracks Air has is a "Time Remaining" calculation at the startup of every session. I was a little worried at first that I was going to have to charge the headphones once or twice a week or that they would be dead when I went to use them after a few days off. Now before I get into the battery life, I have to qualify that I typically listen to music on the low end of the volume scale, and maybe only 1 or 2 notches above totally off, except for short periods of time. So if you are one of those that think you need to blast your ears to get the full music experience, your recharging cycle may be more often than mine. So back to the "Time Remaining" calculation, I was pleasantly surprised that many times after extended periods of use I would cycle the power to see how much time I had left only to find out that I had as much time left as when I started. I have yet to recharge the headphones and I have not had any power loss after several days of non-use. My other head phones I have used for comparison have been recharged once. I would say that the stated 15 hours of play time is more than accurate for my level of volume.

SOL Republic Tracks Air Cuts the Cord

OK, I predominantly use headphones for working out, and I have always hated the cord from my music device and my head phones. I tried all kinds of different routings and something was always pulling somewhere and I was constantly re-adjusting and fidgeting. NO MORE! With Tracks Air A2 Sound Engines you will have total freedom and can enjoy your music and work out and smile at all the others that are still cursed by the head phone cord.

Other Tracks Air Features

Some other features are full connectivity to your phone so you can answer calls and be alerted to texts. The A2 sound engines also has a set of controls that allow you to remotely control your music. It is also important to say that the Tracks Air controls are spaced out and configured so you do not accidently make a call to someone in your contacts when you are trying to skip a Katy Perry track that Pandora thinks belongs in a Rob Zombie channel. Many other wireless headphones have this accidental call issue which sounds funny until it is you running across the room to get to your phone and cut off the call to your x-girlfriend. Another great feature is the ability to use these headphones with a wired connection, because not everything has Bluetooth connectivity, you can plug your Tracks Air in just like the old school headphones.

Summing Up The SOL Republic Tracks Air Headphones

I have used the Tracks Air headphones past the point of the initial WOW factor and I have to say that I continue to be impressed. The A2 Sound Engines have great connectivity, high definition sound, and give you the freedom of a solid Bluetooth connection. I have a pretty extensive workout routine and they have performed well in all situations, including running. If you are worried that they are too big because your ear buds are so small, once you hear what you have been missing, enjoy the wireless connectivity and realize they have a pretty slim profile, you will be happy you made the switch.

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